Since its introduction in 2009, TAK-tenna has proven itself to be a very successful antenna.
Who proved it? The Many, Many TAK-tenna users alllllll over Planet Earth!!!
and a Most Sincere Thank You! to all of them.

( Please scroll down to see many of the TAK-tenna eHam.net customer Product Reviews...
having a high customer Satisfaction rating!)



Each TAK-tenna is designed for resonating - ONLY ONCE - on your choice of frequency on the primary band.
(please see FAQ #3 ).
Our 80 band model is operated to 6 meters using an antenna tuner.
Our 40 band model is operated to 10 meters using an antenna tuner.


TAK-tenna 80 Standard Style Multiband Antenna

Boom is 48 inches / 122 cm long;
spiral radiating elements have 38 inch / 96 cm diameter;
weight is 5 pounds / 2,3 Kg.

TAK-tenna 40 Standard Style Multiband Antenna

Boom is 30 inches / 76 cm long;
spiral radiating elements have 30 inch / 76 cm diameter;
weight is 4 pounds / 1,8 Kg.

TAK-tenna Antennas for each band to 10 meters.

All have 30 inch / 76 cm boom;
Spiral radiating elements varying in diamenter.

Coupler for More Portable style TAK-tenna

The coupler provides quick & easy put-on and take-off of the spiral radiating elements..and small package to stow when traveling.





Provided as kit assembly time about 60 minutes;
A few soldered connections required;
100% paintable.

Actual DIPOLE antenna;
Resonating is done only ONCE on the primary band;
Antenna tuner is used for multiband operation;
NO RF lossy components!:
No ground needed;
No radials needed;


Operates all modes: CW, AM, FM, SSB, PSK and others

Works high power with attention to SWR

TAK-tenna 40 can show 10 - 12 dB directivity when rotated 90*;
Omni-directional when mounted with vertical orientation.

Average customer installation height is 15 feet;
Lower height performs well also;
Designed for long-term outdoor exposure;
Very low wind loading

Has seen wind gust of 75 mph and remained in place during small tornado ( see "Photos" - M0FHN )

REPORTS: ( click on BLUE/UNDERSCORED and PHOTOS view performance reports )



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Have high noise level at your QTH?...TAK-tenna may help you!..please see this YouTube antenna comparison!!


Radio Society of Great Britain


SELECTED CUSTOMER REPORTS: ( click on photos to read report )


WB2QWU - Phil in Florida stealthy HOA vertical


DISTANCE RECORD set by S52CC = 11,223 miles!!


And...S52CC get 200 DXCC with that TAK-tenna 40...even worked it on 80!!



First TransAtlantic TAK-tenna to TAK-tenna QSO



This TAK-tenna 40 worked the rare Clipperton Atoll TX5C

MARS REPORT BT Tom, K0KTB - Asst. State Director Alabama Army



Here's Randy's QRP WAS & DX report working TAK-tenna at 2 feet!!


K6SGH Compares TAK-tenna vs. Screwdriver

Department of Homeland Security at Republican National Convention.
"We were set up in less than 10 minutes" says Jeff Smith TSA / DHS.


Do not use or install TAK-tenna LLC products anyplace near power lines.
Do not use or install TAK-tenna LLC products for mobile use while vehicle is in motion.
Do not use or install TAK-tenna LLC products - or any antenna for that matter -
indoor or inside ANY structure with RF energy ( transmitter ) applied to it due to HIGH VOLTAGE being on it
- it's "NOT the watts" - and therefore a POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD from SPARK!
See April QST 2008 page 77...gent fried his traps on his attic dipole.